Amy Tzuyu Chen

Some Notes on Launching Website with library(blogdown)

Amy Tzu-Yu Chen / 2020-06-28

June 28, 2020

I found this unfinished blogpost on my computer. It was written when a blogpost on “how to launch your personal website via blogdown” was still cool. I am not going to actually write another tutorial, but I can share a few tricks that can help you make your personal website whole.

September 29, 2018

I decided to finally start moving my site off wordpress and (maybe) start blogging. Thanks to blogdown, the move was smooth and I am very happy with this site so far. I am so happy with it that I may actually start writing on a regular basis (Note from 2020 self: apparently this did not happen). You are welcome to email me if you have any question.

This site is built entirely in R Studio using the R package, blogdown, written by Yihui Xie. I also bought a domain name since a little personal branding won’t hurt nowadays. Finally, I hosted this site on Netify. Call me lazy but I even used the same theme as Yihui’s personal website. I recommend useRs to read his blog even for fun.


I recommend having a favicon for your website. It is the little icon floating at leftmost of your chrome tab.

I found myself coming back to this specific blogpost every time I buy a domain and try to use my domain on Netlify. It’s in Japanese, but I think anyone can follow the steps by looking at the screenshots.