Amy Tzuyu Chen

I am a machine learning engineer at Uptake and a Computational Linguistics student at University of Washington. Previously, I was a data scientist at System1. I am from Taichung, Taiwan, and am now based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. I graduated from UCLA in 2016 with a B.S. in Statistics along with Japanese, German, and Urban Planning minors. Happy community event organizer and increasingly an open source contributor. Multilingual in R | Python | Chinese | Taiwanese | English | Japanese | German(sorta).

我是一名數據工作者,來自台灣台中,現居美國加州洛杉磯。2016年畢業於加州大學洛杉磯分校(UCLA),統計學士輔修德文、日文、都市計畫。現在工作之餘,是華盛頓大學計算語言學的碩士在學生。關鍵字:R, 數據分析, 統計|機器學習模型, 開源社群。

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