Amy Tzuyu Chen

PyData Los Angeles 2019 - What's Data Science Reporting? [Video]

Amy Tzu-Yu Chen / 2019-12-04

What’s Data Science Reporting?


We do great things with data science models but often forget that it is as important to advocate and maintain model health. Building data science reports ahead of time can help. In this talk, let’s talk about how to make useful data science reports for data scientists and business stakeholders. You do not need to be an R user to follow along, but you will see some useful R packages and tricks!


In this talk, we will first walk through what data science reporting means and how it is different from BI and general-purpose dashboards. Next, we explore different options for producing data science reports in a “loud” and clear way for data scientists and other technical and non-technical business stakeholders. Throughout the talk, I will introduce some useful R packages and tricks for building your own reports, however, you do not need to be an R user because the same principles apply. The talk is marked as intermediate but all levels are welcome and should be able to follow along.